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OmaSO is a 20 minute cartoon animation that features two good Ngandjerian friends, Angula and Tshaanika. Who are determined to make it big in the big city - Windhoek. OmaSO is mainly for the age group ranging from 10 to 65 years of age. In OmaSO, Namibian educational, social, economic and political issues are dealt with in a comical manner. OmaSO produced by PriDegree Designs for BKDS ANIMATIONS, which are division of BKDS ART PRODUCTIONS.

OmaSO is based on funny stories which my mother tells me. About guys from the North who go to the South ( More urban developed). When they come back home to the North they start to show-off their new cloths, perfume and the new language. “ So ndele okwa varama” directly translated So it is very hot” warm – means warm in Afrikaans. So the “So” combines Oshiwambo and the little Afrikaans that he just learnt. .


  • Animation