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The Legend of the Fire Torch

Omazimo in association with BKDS MSS has revived Tate Kulu’s Tales, a Omazimo brand which was created in 2011. Tate Kulu’s Tales focuses on shorter stories which teach a lesson. In this one The Legend of the Fire Torch, Mwthana has to get the fire home before her mother returns. Not so long ago after the Awambos finally settled, in the small village of Uukwandongo. Mwathana forgot to keep the fire burning, after her mother told her look after the cooking food and it completely died out. In those days, no matches were around, and the fire stones were not available in all homesteads. This was the case in Mwathana’s homesteads. Her mother told her to go and get some fire from her uncle’s house, since she had no sisters. On her journey she reluctantly took Mwahla, a long friend who disappointed her in the past. A journey which was supposed to be normal, turned into the most frighten and exiting, like could never image...

Omazimo The Legend of the Fire Torch can be purchased on Amazon .


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