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PriDegree Designs is a graphic design studio and an advertising agency that provides online and print solutions through web design, brand identity, 2D and 3D animations, short explainer videos, illustrations and app design. PriDegree Designs is located in the mother city of Namibia, Windhoek.

2012 - 2013

The journey begins as a dream is born.

In 2012, the PriDegree logo was designed for a comic book that was suppose to be used, to narrate the events that would take place amongst the students, that year. After I had two internships at Inkfish and Am I collective, where I wanted to find out what it entails to work in a graphic design studio, so that I can be ready for the real world and be a better design employee. After a three month's internship at Inkfish Design studio, I realised how slim the chances of growth were.

Since, I had worked over the years on BKDS, I thought to myself, why not start your studio. Towards the end of 2012 I digitised the PriDegree logo. During the predegree year it became evident that each learner, should start their own symbol of identification which will than later be transformed into a brand. With the knowledge of patents and trademarks which I gained at the 2010 WIPO jointed venture with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. I decided to make it into a logo. As I progressed in my work and the the knowledge of graphic design, so did the symbol.

During 2013 the PriDegree Logo was used on visual diaries, books, blogs and websites. It became the ideal avatar and identification of PriDegree Designs. When I finaly I got my Mac - my first computer - I began to digitise most of the hand drawn drawings. All the designs which were created with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign were labelled with the PriDegree Logo. Towards the end of 2013 I began freelancing at DesignCrowd.


The establishment and expansion of PriDegree Designs

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After gaining reputation on DesignCrowd, I was able to get the finance I needed to establish my studio. In 2015, the four major design solutions were established, namely Animation, Web Design, Corporate Identity and Illustrations. Similarly other PriDegree agents were established to ensure quality and improve workflow. PriDegree Design Studio deals with corporate identity. Bennardo Santos Designs deals solely with illustrations. Digital Thimbo is responsible for managing social media for various businesses. PriDegree 3D is responsible solely for 3D animations. Driehokke deals with web design. .

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The Kingdoms of PriDegree.

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As a strategy to improve our services to our clients. PriDegree rebranded with the Kingdom sections, were each service we provide was allocated under a specific kingdom.

In July 2016, PriDegree introduced the PriDegree Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Animation, the Kingdom of Web Design, the Kingdom of Corporate Identity and the Kingdom of Illustrations. Here is the allocation of the different kindgoms to their respective trademarks:

• The Kingdom of Animation – BKDS Animations
• The Kingdom of Web design – Driehokke
• The Kingdom of Corporate Identity – PriDegree Design Studio
• The Kingdom of Illustrations – Bennardo Santos Designs


Web Design

Brand Identity



PriDegree advice was born.


In 2017 began providing my design advice on Quora, where I answered questions on where to find freelance work as a graphic designer, which graphic design path to take and how you should go about doing so, and how and which are the best way to be a self taught graphic designer.

I finally graduated with my BA Hons in graphic design communication. During which I worked on amazing projects including Nawadein and Digiafro.

2019 ...

2019 is the great year of narration, where the PriDegree story will be told.

PriDegree Job Shadow is an online comic that narrates my story on how I landed my first internship and eventually founding PriDegree Design Studio.

Similarly, the books that have been written during 2017-2018 will be made available for public consumptions both on Amazon, the various BKDS online outlets and the PriDegree Campus Courses.

Our Team

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PriDegree Santos

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Marketing Manager

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Jadian Amengard

Animation Manager

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Amel Kowaski

Finance Manager

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